Friday, November 19, 2004

Verizon vs. 'the new' Cingular

Cingular is now letting former AT&T Wireless customers move to one of the Cingular plans without incurring any 'early termination' penalty! I believe you just pay the standard $36 activation fee.
I think we will see some big network improvements in the near future.

Cingular and Verizon will both be locked in a head to head battle over customers over the next few months. Who ends up the winner depends on who gives the best customer service, and if Cingular can merge the two networks quickly and seamlessly. If Cingular can 'redeploy' its network assets to improve and expand coverage, they will hang on to customers, and will be able to capitalize on the addition of the AT&T Customers to its base. If they can't deliver, customers will move as their contracts expire!


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