Sunday, March 22, 2009

Interesting example of MetroPCS meeting with town zoning board.

I have found a number of town meeting/ selectman/ Zoning Board meeting minutes that wireless carries have to go to in order to win town approval to build or add onto an existing site. It usually gives some advance info on where local sites will be built (and where I can keep an eye out to get some photos!).
In this example, from the town of Methuen, Mass Zoning Board, there is some expanded discussion on the permit application. It makes for an interesting read, especially the Zoning Board asking "exactly who is?" MetroPCS, since in July 2008, most people outside the industry in New England had never even heard of them!

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Blogger Unknown said...

These towers are usually base transmitters for mobile telephone networks, and are now one of the most obvious sources of EMR in the environment.

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