Wednesday, May 07, 2008

T Mobile to place cell tower in cemetery....

T Mobile is working on placing a cell tower in a cemetery in Framingham, MA. As I spoke about in earlier blogs, T Mobile is being very creative in building out it's New England network, with alot of work going into filling the 'dead zones' for the wireless network.
Local Framingham residents are up in arm's, as reported in a recent Boston Globe article. It always seems that people question the ' health effects', but a tower placed over 40-50 yards (and possibly more) from the nearest house, with woods separating them, should have virtually little RF radiation from the tower. Here is a video from New England Cable News on the cemetery controversy.
T Mobile has really pushed hard building there network, and I wonder what effect that will have on customers coverage and satisfaction in New England. MetroPCS will have to do lot's of work to get into the same ballpark.


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Cell phone or mobile towers are used for transmitting the mobile phone signals. These transmitters basically relay the signals from one tower to another so that it can reach the intended receiver.

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