Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cingular eliminating TDMA!?!

Cingular Wireless seems to be slowly eliminating it's existing TDMA towers, and running only the GSM towers in thier place. I currently have a TDMA Nokia phone that I purchased from AT&T Wireless. I was always able to recieve a TDMA signal, even after the aquisition by Cingular. My girlfriend has a GSM phone from the former AT&T. I often use my phone near an Arlington tower. Within the last two months, the TDMA signal is completely gone, and only the GSM signal remains. I originally thought they may have simply been servicing the TDMA equipment, but after a few months, have come to the realization the TDMA is gone, not to return again. I have also started to notice an increase in dropped calls in areas that I have never had that problem in before. I found it unusual that I could have a great signal in one spot, and a terrible signal in another, both where I had a good signal before, and my girlfriends GSM phone has a perfect signal. I understand that Cingular is eliminating the TDMA network, but I was told it would be 'many years' before I signed a two year contract. I am actively looking for other service/service provider. If anyone has any information on this (such as a Cingular employee), please feel free to post it here.


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