Saturday, January 26, 2008

T Mobile aggresive build out in New England!

I have noticed that a number, even a majority of the new sites I have been photographing and that I will be updating on the main site have been TMobile sites. This is exactly what I discussed would happen in my Oct 2005 blog post, having had some good information from a former TMobile (Omnipoint) employee who had told me that with a influx of capital from Deutches Telecom, they would be adding hundreds of sites in New England over the next 3 years. Well, we are two years into it, and I can really see the difference. They have definitely added a number of sites in the last year, and I have some pictures of some sites that have not even been turned up yet. They also seem to be adding a number of 'unique' sites, such as on power poles, or on other structures and 'poles', not necessarily just on existing cell towers. There are still alot of holes for coverage, especially when you get outside the 495 belt, but most carriers have been working hard to fill these areas in, notably TMobile. I will announce soon the updates I make to the main site to highlight some of these new towers!

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