Monday, January 28, 2008

New T Mobile site post!

I have just updated my main site with an unusual T Mobile site in Arlington, MA. This site is indicative of the type of unusual sites that T Mobile is adding in the area to boost their network in New England. The site is located at the Winchester Country Club, and when I saw the location, I was kind of surprised. To step back a little, one of the ways I find sites is to troll th cellular carriers own street coverage maps. When I noticed a strong signal on the T Mobile map at Cambridge Street in Winchester on the Arlington line, I was intrigued, since I know the area and know it is in a valley, and also is right next to Country Club property. I couldn't imagine a cell site being built anywhere near here, for both visual and signal concerns. I drove by to check it out, and was really surprised by what I found. Check it out here.

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