Friday, February 29, 2008

MetroPCS already building in New England!!!

Wow, things move quick!
As I started looking around after finding that MetroPCS is on the verge of building a completely new, independent cellular system in New England, I have found that they have already applied for permits for a number of sites!
Locations in Boston, Haverhill and Beverly, MA have already been selected and they have appearances at town meetings to gain site approvals. It looks like a number of the preliminary sites will be added to existing towers, as well as a few sites on buildings.
It also looks like they have contracted out to a number of local wireless site acquisition and engineering companies, which is probably how they were able to move the process without having an established office in New England (By the way, it looks like their office will be located on Billerica Rd in Chelmsford, MA)
I am sure they will do the kind of gang buster build out that TMobile has embarked on the past few years. My guess is they must, since they have alot of catching up to do! Even Sprint, which is on the 'low' end of coverage in this market, has had 10 years to build the all digital network and fill the holes in their coverage (I remember around 1998 when coverage was strictly limited to the highways around Boston!). I will be keeping a close eye out and keep you updated as this build moves forward!


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