Monday, May 23, 2005

Accurate cell phone coverage.....

I am very impressed with a new mapping system that T-Mobile has just rolled out that gives very accurate mapping and cell phone strength/coverage. The system overlays contours for signal strength over street level maps, giving users a rough idea of what the can expect for coverage. Check it out here on T-Mobiles site. I usually do not push one service, but this should be helpful for people trying to determine if they will have coverage in a particular location. It also makes it easier to identify towers in your neighborhood. For instance, there is a 'flagpole' a few miles from me that I have been planning on taking photo's and placing on my main site, and I had not determined who's site it was, until now! I found the strong signal contour right where the site I was trying to ID was. Let me know if you have found similar tools online!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

American Tower grows larger!

Wow, with a 3.8 Billion dollar deal, the cell tower management companies are reduced by one. American tower is on its way to being the dominant cell tower owner in the US, if not the world! A few years ago, people were predicting doom for the cell tower companies. I guess they were wrong. Let's see what happens next!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

New Improved Web Site On-Line!!!

Wow! I am finally done and have gone live with my new site. I have tried to make it easier to navigate, and a little more 'professional' looking than before. It is still just a hobby, so don't expect tons of new content, but I will be adding some sites that I have had my eye on for a while! Stay tuned for more changes, and feel free to email or post comments with ideas and suggestions!