Thursday, October 16, 2008

How to get a cell phone tower on your ranch land!!

I seem to have discovered a quick and simple way to get two cell phone companies to place a cell tower on your land to get yourself better reception. Be very rich, and then run for president!
From a recent article, it seems like this is an optimum way to get better reception for yourself! I had to write a quick snippet about this on my blog, because I do get a fair amount of people asking me if there are secrets to getting the cell phone companies to put a tower on their land (In this case, they are simply COW's...still no word if they will build a permanent site after the election;-).
I have to admit though, I have never heard of a cell phone company jumping through hoops to get a very limited amount of customers better service. They generally only place them where business models for revenue are favorable.
Well, I guess there are a few exceptions.

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